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Druzy Glitter Pendant Layered Necklace


Gold Chain Pendant Necklace


Gold Horn Layered Necklace


Leather Magnetic Bracelet


Life Bracelet


Life Necklace


Peach Layered Y Necklace


Peach Shell Necklace


Rainbow Tassel Bracelet


Peach Anklet


Wood Beaded Pearl Bracelet

Dominga Battioli Jewelry

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  • At the moment we are not offering returns on products. We are just getting started so please bear with us as we amp up. We appreciate you being on this journey with us.

  • Meet the Founder, Sol


    Why did you start this business?

    I was always interested in jewelry, it was something my mom and I were into, it was our thing. Now that she is not here anymore, this is what I do to remember her and honor her memory. I have a background in business studies, as well as design studies and a passion for arts and crafts. Making jewelry was the perfect combination of everything.


    What impact do you hope to have?

    We want to show how our pieces were created for every woman out there. These pieces don't judge, everyone can wear them and style them however they want. Handmade by women, for women.


    What is a book or movie or article or experience that shaped your view of the world?

    My first dream was to come to the USA and start a life here. At 18, I packed and left. I had no money, I didn't know anyone, but it was my dream and I made it happen. Now, I can say that with a lot of hard work, it's finally becoming what I always hope for. Dominga Battioli, it's the brand I inspired after my Mom (Dominga), who sadly passed away in 2015. Every piece I make it's inspired in her taste and in her good energy and how happy she always was, despite being sick. It's an honor for me to be her daughter and, hopefully, create something that makes a change in this world. 


    What was the best advice given to you in your life?

    My family always taught me to go for my dreams and, no matter the obstacles, I would achieve it (if I really wanted it).




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