4 basic fundamentals to help you start journaling in 2020

Did you set new years resolutions for 2020? Did you say to yourself that you were going to seek personal growth to evolve as a human being? Was one of these resolutions to start a blog? Or maybe to simply start a private journal?

Here are my four fundamental tips to start journaling in 2020:

  1. Understand that journaling is therapeutic. Putting any words on paper will make you feel better. It allows your brain to start processing thoughts in a more realistic manner. When your problems or frustrations or sad moments are out of the infinite loop of your mind, you can begin to see them in a more balanced scale. They often become much smaller issues when released from the chambers of your feedback loops. This allows you to be able to work through things more efficiently. It is one of the primary pillars of my therapy path towards healing and growth!

  2. You’ll get better with time. Practice makes “almost” perfect because perfect doesn’t exist 🙌. No one became great at something they weren’t first newbies at. It is one of the oldest cliches of all time. It most certainly applies to journaling as well!

  3. No one needs to ever see it. Too many Hollywood stories show us scenes where one character finds the journal of another and then a big drama scene breaks out, plot twists occur and characters cry. In real life, you’re lucky if a real person/your partner or significant other even reads the post-it notes you left them reminding them to not forget their cell phone charger when leaving to the airport. If this is a fear of yours, like it was mine, then let it go!

  4. Start anywhere. On a napkin. On an old notebook. On your notes app. Lose the fear of having the perfect medium. You’ll find what suits you best as you develop your style, use case, and intended audience. Evernote. Emails to yourself. Google docs. Work notebooks. Loose sheets of paper. Junk mail envelopes. Who cares! Start with two sentences and see how you feel!

Journaling is a journey of #self-growth. It is paying attention to aspects of life besides work and outside of relationships with others. It is about developing a healthier relationship with yourself and with your thoughts!

Let me know in the comments below about the benefits or apprehensions you find with journaling!

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