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When I was younger, I didn’t think I made life choices based on what society categorized me as. I was under the belief that I was personally in control of my own decisions. Little did I know how naive I truly was. 

Upon graduating from college, I left my hometown of Miami to jump into my career in NYC. Here is where my journey really started. 

Day 1: Orientation. Big financial firm. 400 college grads from across the country. One goal: To understand the workings of a financial institution in corporate America. 

Day 23: Hit the desk (aka first day actually working). Ratio of men to women was 20:3. I didn’t bat an eye.

Day 90. I was able to complete most tasks and responsibilities of my position.

Day 270: I understood my role and was able to run most of the team operations on my own.

Day 450: I felt good in my area of expertise. I was adding value daily and was fully immersed in the corporate world. I joined affinity networks, I spoke at orientation for the upcoming class of analysts on a diversity and inclusion panel, I attended most women’s events, I spoke about my asset class research and trends at the most important weekly meeting each week.

Day 730: Promotion!

Day 731: Paused. Began to question everything around me. 

Day 732: Analyzed the culture. Decided there were many things that were not inclusive or in line with who I am. Thought about how to change it.

Day 735: Started introducing new articles to the team about diversity and inclusion, gender, management theories, best practices, how to become a better team member and manager. Presented these articles in weekly team meetings. Got some folks to listen. Believed they would now take the conclusions from articles and begin to apply them immediately. Got back to our desks. People returned to their normal operating mode as if nothing I had said was relevant to their business. Became more disappointed. 

Day 742 - Day 1000: Kept trying to positively influence the culture and change team dynamics.

Day 1001: Began to see that things will take many more decades to really change, despite my efforts, realize I have lost myself in trying to change the team and culture around me, began talking to other working people to get advice from their experiences. Became deeply discouraged.

Day 1095: Quit.

Day 1155: Decided to refocus my energy on the fight for gender equality.

This is my first attempt....

An attempt to redirect a higher percentage of consumer spending into the hands of more women. In a society where wealth is power, we can amass more power for female entrepreneurs one small purchase at a time. Until hopefully one day we can look at our credit card statements and see that 50% of the money we spent is going back into the hands of women.

Hopefully, you choose to join me in this mission. Use your earnings and direct spending with intent. Grow with us! Next time someone needs to buy you a present, just send them to our website in order to support gender equality!

Our brand is a marketplace for women-owned businesses to showcase their products, and for us to build a stronger community for all, by women.

I invite you to join me on this journey.

Alessia Tacchella, Founder

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