💁‍♀️ Female Empowerment Market Newsletter 5: Coffee as a way of life ☕

"Coffee for some is a way of life, for others, it's a hobby, or a networking tool, or a time to sit and read.  Whatever level of fanaticism you have towards coffee, knowing that the coffee shop you support has a social mission behind it, can make the experience that much greater.  Many people who have visited Miami's Wynwood area, know that the staple location of the place when it was just becoming popular (and the ONLY place to get something to eat or drink) was Panther Coffee. Its unique location, outdoor seating, friendly faces, and lively community bring so much light to all those who visit.  Something many people don't know about it is its social mission. They state it as such: 

Panther Coffee's mission is to source, roast, and prepare the finest coffees in the world, creating a transaction that is mutually beneficial for all participants."

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