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"Taking a quick pause from consumerism this week. There has been an overload of holiday marketing, and I am pretty saturated.

This week's Female Founder is legendary for creating a ticketing platform that has gained such a large following, that you wouldn't even know where else to go if you were looking to host an event. Whether it's virtual or IRL, Eventbrite's Founder and CEO, Julia Hartz has built the platform for it!

After a career in the entertainment field on the west coast, Julia and her husband decided that if they were going to take pay cuts to build a startup, that it would be their own. In 2006 they got to work!

As CEO, Julia also led the IPO of the company in 2018 and continues to run the business today.

Read her full interview with the NY Times here.

Next time you use the platform you will know some extra fun-facts about its founder and the company's history."

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