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"Since I was young, in public school, I have been taught to care about the environment. After school, I used to watch Animal Planet and Discovery Channel for hours to the extent that I learned to speak English with Steve Irwin on Crocodile Hunter.

The environmental issue of plastic waste is one I am particularly passionate about. I try very hard to not buy anything made of plastic. I also bring my own bags to the supermarket, where I grab all my produce without using any bags (thank you, Trader Joe's, for inspiring and supporting this practice).

Changing our daily habits isn't an easy task, but having the right tools around definitely helps. Here is where we find this week's Female Founder, Lauren Singer. She is the CEO and Founder of Package Free Shop, an online store equipped with all sorts of sustainable solutions for your everyday needs.

They have affordable options for dish washing brushes, reusable food bags, glass jars, bathroom essentials, and more cute gift options. The market is a collection of brands and products that all aim to reduce plastic use and I'm here to support it.

What's your favorite sustainable swap?"

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