💁‍♀️ Female Empowerment Market Newsletter 10: Food and Snacks (the Halloween Edition) 🎃

"Spooky Season is here! This year instead of going out, it's time to hunker down and order some snacks for this next wave of COVID. I am here to bring you some great female-founded options to buy food from!

First up is Thrive Market. They are an online grocery retailer that was founded by a team of 4, 1 of which is a woman. On top of this, they have a sorting function on their website for buying Woman-Owned Brands directly from their store. Many of the brands I was going to recommend independently such as Siete Foods, Purely Elizabeth, and Simple Mills can be found directly on the Thrive Market website. This is like having an aisle at your local supermarket that has all Female Founded brands, making it simple to support these brands all in the same place where you get all your other groceries. Companies that make it this simple to do value-based purchasing will continue to garner customers who are more aware of the mission-driven brands that they want to support.

Secondly, we have Snackboon. A subscription-based snack box that delivers directly to your home! This company was started by a Latin American Female Founder who wanted to provide her kids with healthier snack options. She has a background in nutrition, and through her website, she is offering tailored snack solutions for people who are Vegan, Organic, or Gluten-Free! She is having a Halloween special this week so make sure you check out her snack boxes before Sunday!"

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