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shop freely while staying true to your values

Curated brands of female-founders for your everyday shopping needs. #MakeTheSwitch from chain to small woman-owned business.


What would the world look like with more female entrepreneurs?

Help to reduce the gender pay gap, one conscious purchase at a time. 

Begin to #MakeTheSwitch in your daily items.


we honor all women and want to see them grow

Because women are also more likely to invest in their communities, our purchases will play a small role in creating a more equal world.

we believe Financial freedom for women generates greater equality

That's why from now on we are taking the vow to spend our money in companies whose values align with ours.



Our Story

Alessia + wall st girl.JPG

In this new era of heightened awareness and purpose, I found myself needing to contribute differently in society. I wanted to generate an impact. To build a movement. To cause change.


As a transplant from Miami to NYC, I was surprised to see how far we still are from achieving gender equality. I looked around and saw too few women. I bought clothes from too few women. I supported too few women-founded companies. I began wanting to change this but with a full-time job, and few Googleable resources, I struggled to stay true to my values.


I want to buy only from women-owned companies. I want to get there quickly. As I observed my current credit card statement, I saw that over 95% of my money goes to companies started by men. How then, can I continue to voice my opinions and support my fellow females in a more efficient way each month? I vow to change my own spending habits and I invite you to change with me.


Welcome to The Female Empowerment Market, where I share brands founded by women, who share their products with all.
It's By Women, For All.

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